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Rock@ 5:41am 12-17-2018
Let me write the first message of 2018.
Shadi@ 8:55pm 05-27-2017
Thanks to all the suggestions!

Somto, Ninja Baseball Bat Man is already in the site. Two titles from your list will come about soon.

JGamer, I try to swerve away from bullet-hell games for now, but I might work on a few sports titles every now and then.

So far, the queue has been filled up to about the most part of next year, so I won't be taking in more suggestions for the time being. Rest assured some of the titles that have been suggested months ago will be featured in the near future updates.
Somto Erinne@ 8:43am 05-27-2017
Slap Shot
One Shot, One Kill
Gun Master
Schmeiser Robo
Superior Soldiers
Ninja Baseball Batman
Dragon Gun
Best of Best
TheJGamer@ 5:02pm 05-01-2017
Super Sidekicks (SNK)
Seibu Cup Soccer (Seibu)
Raiden (Seibu)
Donpachi (Atlus)
Shadi@ 8:44pm 02-01-2017
Hi Josh, thanks a lot for the correction!

I made the KOF shrines several years back and I had to refer from the SNK wiki for a bit, but even then I felt something was off between the Japan and China stages until you brought it up.

I always loved those little snippets and "official" game-given terminologies from arcades and manuals and I always seek to have them get a nod on the game's shrines.

More of these shrines are coming, this year is more about fighting games!
Josh@ 7:00pm 02-01-2017
Fantastic job on the site! Takes me back to my childhood on a lot of those games, plus I get a chance to see ones I didn't get the chance to play!

Only one correction to make that I could see - on the captions for the stages from The King of Fighters 2003, you have the Japan and China stages switched. The Japan stage has the Niou gate in the background and the China stage is the industrial park (the big sign on the right says "KOF" in Chinese). The "Before Gate" and "Bleed" are still correct, just the countries need to be flipped. You also get points alone just for noticing the stage names in the credits - I never noticed those before!
S_hift@ 4:01am 12-26-2016
awesome site man. Like what you're doing here.

just a fellow gamer and i stumbled here through google looking for Starsiege Tribes related textures and modifications ^^

anyway check out my youtube and feel free to send me emails on any oldschool fps
Shadi@ 1:18am 12-25-2016
Merry Christmas!

For anyone with Twitter, be sure to participate in the poll on which fighting games I would first feature for Part 1 of the 9th anniversary.

Shadi@ 7:55am 12-20-2016
The other genre links used to be active too, but I had only updated the BEU lineup at the time that included other company games.

The other genres only had Capcom and SNK iirc. I might put the old links back up sometime.
Rock@ 5:03am 12-20-2016
Why is there only a beat-em-up link in the menu?
Arrimas Arrington@ 12:06pm 11-27-2016
Alien Challenge (PGM in 1994)
Dan-Ku-Ga (Taito in 1994)
Arrimas Arrington@ 11:19am 11-27-2016
Dragon Master - Unico Electronics (1994)
Blanida - Allumer (1992)
Rock@ 3:44am 11-12-2016
Knights of Valour & Knights of Valour 2, please...
Somto@ 9:30am 08-26-2016
Silent Dragon
Mutant Fighter
Dragon Master
Knuckle Bash
Zero Team
Zero Team USA
Zero Team 2000
Tecmo Knight
Denjin Makai
Shogun Warriors
Blood Warriot
Somto@ 8:36am 06-24-2016
Arm Champs
Arm Champs II
Brave Firefighters
Ninja Clowns
Star Wars Trilogy Arcade
Primal Rage
Metamorphic Force

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